Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology 2014

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    Conference Theme: The Integration of Music and Audio Technology

    音樂資料處理 Soundscape and Music Data Processing
    Ren-Cih Ye, Chin-Teng Lin, Chih-Fang Huang Exploring EEG Spectral Dynamics of Music-Induced Emotions
    Hsiao-Han Peng and Yu-Chung Tseng Sound Map Of Tainan: An Installation With The Function Of Homesick Healing And Education Of Tainan Culture
    Niu Shi Shiang Development of Musi Emotion Analysing Framework for Android System
    演算法音樂 Algorithmic Composition
    Jacob Sudol Scientifically Informed Limit Case Compositions
    Chih-Fang Huang, Yu-Shian Lian, Wei-Po Nien, Wei-Hua Chieng Analyzing the Perception of Melodic Imagery and Its Application to Automated Composition
    Chih-Fang Huang, Che-Yi Hsiao, Chung-Kuang Chen An Experimental Multimedia Music System with Bionic Robot
    訊號處理與聲音裝置 Audio Signal Processing And Sound Installation
    Stone Cheng, Wei-ting Wu, An-Hsiang Wu Analytic research on the time-varying ingredients of emotion evoked
    Jiang Yang Wang, Yu-Chung Tseng Implementation Of Real-Time Sound Effects Processing On Web Audio API
    Chi-Yen Lin, Yu-Chung Tseng The Teaching And Learning Of Daguangxian Through The Technology
    LV Lan-lan, KANG Chang-he The Emotional Classification Model Of Guqin Music Based On Bayes

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    《 簡介 / About 》

    • 第十屆2014年W O C M A T研討會由國立交通大學聲音與音樂創意科技碩士學位學程主辦,中華民國電腦音樂學會協辦,預訂2014年10月28~29日舉行,地點位於國立交通大學圖書館國際會議廳及圓山飯店(電子音樂會),內容包括專題演講、會議論文發表、與電子音樂會。專題演講邀請兩位會議主講者,10月28日於國立交通大學圖書館國際會議廳舉辦多場專題演講與會議論文發表,將整合科技媒體與電腦音樂研究,形成本屆會議的主要特色。會中將邀請國內外知名電腦音樂家、音訊處理學者專家、與研究人員親臨與會,包括會議Keynote Speaker主講人:法國Bordeaux第三大學資深教授、巴黎GRM音樂科技研究中心講座、多媒體與電子音樂資深作曲家、世界著名電子音樂中心SCRIME總監Christian Eloy,以及曾兩度獲得電腦音樂界奧倫匹克級大賽BOURGES大獎、電腦音樂互動科技與多聲道專家、前美國電子音樂協會(SEAMUS)主席、美國北德州立大學(UNT)音樂學院副院長Jon Christopher Nelson博士等人擔任演主講者,進行專題演講,並維持2~3日之技術指導,並舉辦Workshop與各校進行學術交流。10月29日晚上與ISMIR在圓山飯店國際會議廳舉行一場ISMIR/W O C M A T電子音樂會。

    • 2014 International Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology (WOCMAT 2014) welcomes Paper Submissions which correspond to the computer music or audio technology related subjects. WOCMAT, established in 2005 at National Taiwan University, has been hosted annually by music, computer science or engineering departments/schools at various universities in Taiwan, and has gathered international researchers, scholars and renowned guests from both the music and technology domains. WOCMAT 2014 will be organized by Sound and Music innovative Technologies Master Program(SMIT) at National Chiao Tung University from October 28th to October 29th. WOCMAT 2014 will invite world-renowned scholars to present their recent findings in music and audio research; the guests include Prof. Jon Christopher Nelson from University of North Texas in U.S.A. and Prof. Christian Eloy from Bordeaux’university in France. The Workshop will consist of guest lecture, paper presentation, and music performance(with ISMIR). WOCMAT 2014 will call for paper submissions and paper submissions will go through a rigorous reviewing process supervised by both the Music and Technical Program Committee.

    《 主講人 / Keynote Speaker 》

    Jon Christopher Nelson

    曾擔任美國電子音樂協會SEAMUS(The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in U.S.A.)主席,目前為美國北德州立大學U niversity of North Texas音樂院副院長。他是一位傑出的電子音樂與多聲道作曲家,曾受許多單位的電子音樂委託創作,代表作發表曾於美洲、歐洲、亞洲等重要電子音樂節。他的作品曾獲得法國Bourges電子音樂大賽與義大利Luigi Russolo電子音樂大賽等兩項國際大獎。國際電腦音樂協會(ICMC)2012年頒贈最佳美洲電子音樂作曲家獎。

    Jon Christopher Nelson's electroacoustic music has been performed widely throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America, and has been honored with numerous awards including fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Fulbright Commission. He is also the recipient of a Bourges Prize, a Luigi Russolo Prize, and numerous electroacoustic commissions.

    In addition to his electroacoustic works, Nelson has composed a variety of acoustic compositions that havebeen performed by ensembles such as the New World Symphony, the Memphis Symphony, ALEA III and others. He has composed in residence at Sweden's national Electronic Music Studios during the 1989-90 academic year, as well as in the fall of 1994.

    Nelson received his doctorate and master's of fine arts from Brandeis University and has studied digital audio processing and computer music composition with Barry Vercoe at the MIT media lab. His bachelor's was earned at Bethel College where he was magna cum laude. He also has worked as a technical consultant at MIT's media lab for composers Mario Davidovsky, Jean-Claude Risset and Morton Subotnick. His work can be heard on the NEUMA, ICMC and SEAMUS labels.

    Christian ELOY

    法國Bordeaux第三大學資深教授, 巴黎GRM音樂科技研究中心講座,世界著名電子音樂中心SCRIME總監

    Born in 1945 in Amiens (France) where he studied flute, chamber music, conducting and composition at the conservatoire national of region and then at the conservatoire national superior of Paris. He was awarded by several first prizes.

    Flutist in a professionnal orchestra, then teacher and director of a conservatory (music school), before his meeting with Electroacoustic music, Ivo Malec, Guy Reibel, the Groupe de Recherches Musicales at Radio France and Ircam in Paris.

    He was in charge for 24 years of the electroacoustic composition department of the conservatoire in Bordeaux and of the workshop at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales /City of Paris. Lecturer in Bordeaux’ university, Christian ELOY is also the creator and the artistic director of the SCRIME, research and creation studio in the University of Bordeaux 1.

    Several awards : prize of the europeen community poetry and music - prize “ François de Roubaix Composer of over sixty pieces, instrumental, electroacoustic, vocal and pedagogical. Several commissioned works (State, Ina GRM, Radio-France, different orchestras and groups). Many concerts, conferences and lectures all over the world (China, US, Hong Kong, Québec, Taïwan, UK, Italy, Spain, Belgium, etc) Published by Billaudot, Fuzeau, Lemoine, Combre, Notissimo, Questions de tempéraments and Jobert. Publications aux PUF (France), Johnston Ed.(Irlande), MIT press (US), Le mensuel littéraire et poétique (Belgique).

    《 Organizing Committee 》

    Conference Chair
    Stone Cheng
    Conference Co-Chair
    Yu Chung Tseng
    Chih-Fang Huang
    Paper Committee
    Stone Cheng
    Chih-Fang Huang
    Tsung-Lin Chen
    Tai-Shih Chi

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    Master Program of Sound and Music Innovative Technologies, NCTU

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    Taiwan Computer Music Association