Parasuraman, A

Federated Professor of Marketing, College of Business Administration, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.

Research Interests: Service marketing, research methodology, sales management

Published Papers: JM 8, JMR 4, JR 5, JAR 1, others 56.


A multiple item instrument called SERVQUAL for measuring consumer perceptions of service quality was developed in the study. First, The construct of service quality was defined and operationalized. Service quality is difficult to evaluate for the characteristics of services. Perceived quality is the consumerís judgment about an entityís overall excellence or superiority. It differs from objective quality, is a form of attitude, related but not equivalent to satisfaction, and results from a comparison of expectations with perceptions of performance. Based on gap model of service quality, the author operationalized service quality in ten dimensions and 97 items.

Then the scale was empirically tested. In the exploratory analysis, data was collected from five different service categories. The scale was purified based on coefficient alpha and item-to-total correlations. Factor analysis was applied to examine the dimensionality of the scale. As a result, five dimensions were generated. In the confirmatory analysis, The scale was refined, reliability and validity of the measurement were discussed.

This study provided a multiple-item scale to measure service quality. It is a useful tool to track service quality trends, assess a given firmís quality, determine the relative importance of the five dimensions in influencing customers?overall quality perceptions, and categorizing a firmís customers into several perceived-quality segment. It also has managerial implications for service organizations.


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