Volume 12, Number 4  December  2015 



Firework Plots for Evaluating the Impact of Outliers and Influential Observations in Generalized Linear Models

Dae-Heung Jang and Christine M. Anderson-Cook

Fulltext (pp. 423-436)


An Unreliable Server Retrial Queue with  Two Phases of Service and General Retrial Times Under Bernoulli Vacation Schedule

Gautam Choudhury, Lotfi Tadj and Mitali Deka

Fulltext (pp.437-464)


Stochastic Approach to Planning of Spares for Complex Deteriorating Industrial System

Alenka Brezavšček

Fulltext (pp. 465-480)


On Monitoring Mixture Weibull Processes Using Mixture Quantity Charts

Zaheer Ahmed, Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Riaz and Nasir Abbas

Fulltext (pp. 481-500)


A Sampling Scheme for Resubmitted Lots Based on One-Sided Capability Indices

Nani Kurniati, Ruey-Huei Yeh and Chien-Wei Wu

Fulltext (pp. 501-515)


The Inverse Weibull Distribution as a Failure Model Under Various Loss Functions and Based on Progressive First-Failure Censored Data

Amal Helu and Hani Samawi

Fulltext (pp. 517-536)


The Analysis of Alternative Interval-Censored and Complete Data

Dejing Kong, Lirong Cui and Xibin Zhao

Fulltext (pp. 537-560)


Discovering the Drivers of Football Match Outcomes with Data Mining

Maurizio Carpita, Marco Sandri, Anna Simonetto and Paola Zuccolotto

Fulltext (pp. 561-577)

Synthetic Double Sampling X-bar Chart with  Estimated Process Parameters

H. W. You , Michael B. C. Khoo, M. H. Lee and P. Castagliola

Fulltext (pp. 579-604)


Cost Analysis of MAP/G(a, b)/1/N Queue with Multiple Vacations and Closedown Times

A. Senthil Vadivu and R. Arumuganathan

Fulltext (pp. 605-626)