Volume 4, Number 3   September 2007     


The Change Point Model: SPC Method for Short Run Autocorrelated Data
Abdelmonem Snoussi  and Mohamed Limam
Fulltext (pp. 313-329)

A Component Slope Linear Model for Mixture Experiments
Greg F. Piepel

Fulltext (pp. 331-343)

Integrating SPC and EPC Methods for Quality Improvement

Wei Jiang and John V. Farr
Fulltext (pp. 345-363)

Expected Desirability Function: Consideration of Both Location and Dispersion Effects in Desirability Function Approach

Myeong-Soo Lee and Kwang-Jae Kim

Fulltext (pp. 365-377)

Asymptotic Analysis of Loss Probabilities in GI/M/m/n Queueing Systems as n Increases to Infinity

Vyacheslav M. Abramov

Fulltext (pp. 379-393)

Optimal Hysteresis Control for BMAP/SM/1 Queue with MAP-Input of Disasters

Olga V. Semenova

Fulltext (pp. 395-405)

Programs in R for Computing Truncated Cauchy Distributions

Saralees Nadarajah and Samuel Kotz

Fulltext (pp. 407-412)

Statistical Process Control for Variance Shift Detections of Multivariate Autocorrelated Processes

Shing I Chang and Kui Zhang

Fulltext (pp. 413-435)

Editors' Note

Fulltext (pp. 437)